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A customized tennis and coordination program for kids aged from 4 to 12 that brings the game to a size that enables children to progress more easily and quickly. By using size-appropriate equipment and courts, the game of tennis becomes more fun for them, and allows kids to get right into the action from the start. Legendary coach, Dennis Van der Meer, taught the graduated length method throughout his long career, and was instrumental in bringing a sponge ball to the mainstream of teaching in the United States.

These balls, as well as a series of low compression balls, give a bounce that produces longer and better rallies. The shorter and narrower courts give children confidence and ability to learn the movement techniques that will eventually allow them to cover the whole court. The shortened rackets have grips for smaller hands, giving kids more control and allowing them to develop better, more versatile strokes.

Introducing your children to World Class Quickstart Tennis at an early age will give them confidence by seeing immediate progress. This makes them excited to continue playing tennis. All children are evaluated and placed in age and skill-appropriate groups. A checklist of competencies ensures appropriate and timely progression throughout the 10-12 week sessions.

If you have any questions about the program or are ready to register your junior(s), please call 800-845-6138 and choose the sales extension.

Tennis Participant Testimonial

"Excellent instruction; pros try to connect to the kids and genuinely seem to enjoy teaching"
K.C., July

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