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Tennis Coaches

Total TennisUniversity
The world famous Van Der Meer TennisUniversity courses created by legendary coach Dennis Van der Meer are now combined and revamped to encompass time tested basics and current trends. Total TennisUniversity gives you a solid base in tennis instruction.

Adaptive Tennis
A stroke often leaves one entire side of its victim paralyzed and/or unable to recognize its very existence. Called "neglect", this condition is often reversible through adaptive, creative tennis exercises.

Tennis Internships
Become part of one of the most world renowned tennis teaching organizations in the world. Dennis Van der Meer, who is known world-wide as the pro's pro, has taught more people how to play and teach tennis than any other person in the history of the game.

Instructional Videos
Please stay tuned for the launch of our instructional videos.
Tennis Participant Testimonial

"I loved the camp and having been going for years. The instructors are always top notch and always so personable."
K.S., June

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