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Tennis Tips

Looking for a more powerful serve? Want to learn a better drop shot? What's the best way to hit overheads in the sun?

Visit our video library of free video tips from former Van Der Meer Academy Alumn Marcos Ondruska.

Need to learn a more consistent toss? Want to cut down on your double faults? These serving tips will help improve the power, placement and consistency of your serves.

From forehands and backhands to topspin and slices, these groundstroke tennis tips will enhance your technique and improve your results on the court. Photo by Arno Dimmling

Volleys & Overheads
Improve your net game with this series of volley and overhead tennis tips.

Specialty Shots
Do you want a better drop shot? How about an improved return of serve? Learn these and more in our Specialty Shots tips.

Fitness and Mental Toughness
When all things are equal, the fitter physical and mental player has the advantage. These fitness and mental toughness tennis tips will help you gain that edge in your next matches.


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