Oh my…. what a treat this was. I had the pleasure and privilege to take the adult clinic with Dr. Louie Cap. He has such a way to engage everyone no matter what your level is and pinpoint the right next step in your own personal tennis journey. He is committed to improve your tennis (all facets of the tennis game) and bring you his gems that are easy to consume and integrate in your game. It is not all talk and theory, it is not all about running you around until you drop, it is not about him showing you how good he is. It is the perfect mixture of explanation, drills and application in point situation. Dr. Louie Cap is such a consummate professional ensuring that everyone gets what they need at this time and oh by the way…all the while cracking jokes and anecdotes from around the world and also throwing a bit of nuclear physics here and there. It is difficult to shake off a PhD apparently. Again my only regret was to not take an entire week. I had a fabulous time and feel that my tennis will greatly benefit on and off the court (stretching, exercises, warm-ups and cool downs). What a 3 days this was. I can’t wait to come back.

Jacksonville, FL

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