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I was passing through Hilton Head last weekend and stopped by the Van Der Meer Tennis Center. As luck would have it, I ran into Pat Van der Meer. Many wonderful memories from clinics, camps and my own son attending Van Der Meer were all spot on! I was pleasantly surprised to observe that Van Der Meer is still very player and family friendly! Dennis had a philosophy that teaching tennis as well as playing should always be taught and played by the standard method. Van Der Meer is still strong in their teaching and they are all passionate about Van Der Meer. Thanks for sharing your time! – Jenny Ross


We came here specifically for my 11 year old daughter to participate in the junior holiday tennis camps. I cannot say enough good things about the knowledgeable, professional tennis instructors. They are world class! So impressed in how they pushed my daughter but also made it fun. The video recording of their individual service motions was incredibly helpful for my daughter.

The facility was built several years ago but is in good shape.

We look forward to coming back in the near future!

Knoxville, TN


Great facility for tennis clinics for any age. Went with a group of ladies. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and professional. The courts are also in tip top shape. You will work hard at your clinics but you will learn.

Conover, NC


Oh my…. what a treat this was. I had the pleasure and privilege to take the adult clinic with Dr. Louie Cap. He has such a way to engage everyone no matter what your level is and pinpoint the right next step in your own personal tennis journey. He is committed to improve your tennis (all facets of the tennis game) and bring you his gems that are easy to consume and integrate in your game. It is not all talk and theory, it is not all about running you around until you drop, it is not about him showing you how good he is. It is the perfect mixture of explanation, drills and application in point situation. Dr. Louie Cap is such a consummate professional ensuring that everyone gets what they need at this time and oh by the way…all the while cracking jokes and anecdotes from around the world and also throwing a bit of nuclear physics here and there. It is difficult to shake off a PhD apparently. Again my only regret was to not take an entire week. I had a fabulous time and feel that my tennis will greatly benefit on and off the court (stretching, exercises, warm-ups and cool downs). What a 3 days this was. I can’t wait to come back.

Jacksonville, FL


This is our second vacation with access to the Van Der Meer Tennis Club at Shipyard. The court charges are very fair and the coaching staff covers players of all levels from beginner to advanced.

The courts are properly separated by V-shaped full height fence sections at the base lines and a lower fence all the way between courts…so very little interference from courts beside you.

The pro shop sells mostly Head equipment and it has a large selection. And if they don’t have what you want/need, they will order it in, no problem.

We look forward to playing many more times at these courts during future vacations.

Horseshoe Valley, Canada


Van Der Meer has a long history of running excellent tennis programs for both adults and kids. We spent two weeks here to send our young child to its QuickStart tennis program.

As soon as the kids walk in they are playing tennis and occupied all day – none of this aimless wandering around that you see in some camps with lots of popsicle breaks.

The director (Sally who is fantastic) keeps everyone on their toes and runs a great program. The kids get lots of tennis and attention from adults and junior players.

Kudos goes out to Sally and her team…Hank, Michelle, Val, Lucy and the many others whose care, expertise and focus made for an intense but rewarding two weeks.



I took a bunch of the adult clinics with Peter and the teaching was perceptive, sharp, critical, fast-paced and focused. There was no idle downtime just work, work, work. My tennis game and footwork were utterly different after a few sessions…money well spent.

Baltimore, MD


I did the five day clinic, 18 total hours. There were seven of us and two instructors – Louie and Denys. Louie is the head pro. He’s very knowledgeable and doesn’t attempt to change your stroke -just offers a few tips to improve it. I appreciated that a lot. He recorded our strokes and offered instruction from that as well. Denys was also excellent. For the price, the instruction was terrific.

Memphis, TN


Van der Meer Tennis is a brand of itself! The complex, located in Shipyard Plantation off Pope Avenue, is well appointed and maintained. I had the opportunity to receive instruction for Advanced Drills on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of Labor Day week.

All of the Pros were professional, extremely competent and very personable. A Pro named Andy was the one I had the chance to receive instruction from and he was very talented.

I’ve been playing since high school and have an NTRP of 4.0-4.5. Andy’s guidance allowed me to drastically improve some very basic and foundational strokes through the two hour drill sessions. While the drills are not meant to impart instruction one would receive during a private lesson, Andy’s instruction during the drills allowed me to make minor adjustments which yielded major improvements in my game.

Be prepared to sweat! The Advanced Drills are physically challenging but I had a 79 year old in our class who kept up with us “youngsters” admirably! I plan on returning again next year!

Douglasville, GA


My brother in Atlanta invited me to attend a three day doubles clinic with his team at Van Der Meer in Hilton Head. We had three half days of 3.5 hour lessons where we rotated thru four different instructors that drilled us on a number of skills. Great facilities and great, friendly instructors. Certainly improved aspects of my game. Worth the trip from Florida.

Ormond Beach, FL


Great place to play tennis – we’ve been going down for the month of March for the past three years. Nice soft clay courts, well maintained and well managed – friendly, courteous staff. We look forward to returning.

Stittsville, Canada


My husband and I traveled to Hilton Head, SC to attend tennis camp at Van Der Meer Tennis Center for 5 days. We loved the entire experience. We got to work with 4 or 5 different pros. They were all fun, personable and professional. They videotaped us and worked with us to point out our improvement areas. We were able to work on those improvement areas all week. The tennis facilities are first rate. And now two months later, our tennis is better than ever. Overall we would recommend the Van Der Meer Tennis Center to our friends. We will be back.

Denver, CO


People come to Van Der Meer from all over the world. I feel lucky to live a short distance away and take advantage of their stroke of the day. The instructors are knowledgeable, fun and can zero in on little techniques to make your game better.

Hilton Head Island, SC


I never come to Hilton Head without doing drills at Van Der Meer in the mornings. Plenty of clay courts, hard courts, and if it rains, indoor courts. Has a pro shop, gift shop, buy a new outfit, get your strings replaced. A round robin is played every day. Lotsa fun !!

Douglasville, GA


If you enjoy playing tennis no matter your level, the Van Der Meer Tennis Center is the place for you. They have professional lessons, private and semi-private, by tour professionals and resident professionals and staff. They have stroke of the day drills, intermediate and advanced drills. They must have 20 or more tennis courts, most clay.

I’m about a 3.5/4.0 player and I enjoy the round robins every day but Saturday. It is a chance to meet other people on the island that also like tennis.

It is an academy so there are some of the better young players in the world going there. They play an exhibition on Mondays. Last Friday they had a local pros match you could watch for free. One of the players was Wayne Ferreira from South Africa who was ranked #6 in the world around 2004. It was fun.

Cincinnati, OH


My tennis group was staying at a hotel that only had clay courts. We played 3 mornings on the hard courts at Van Der Meer. Desk staff was very pleasant. Courts were great. There are 4 hard courts and numerous clay courts. Clinics are offered, however we did not participate. Ice cold water is provided for every court. Great experience. Will be going back.

Ann Arbor, MI


We traveled from NY for the Van De Meer adult weekend tennis program. The pro to player ratio was 1:3. They worked on all our strokes with us, recorded us and then Louie, Phil or Devon worked with us on how to improve. Louie, who ran the program, has an incredible memory and can identify any player’s areas of improvement in seconds. He is an outstanding teacher and can demonstrate and help you improve your strokes. By breaking each stroke down and working on it in steps helps you see exactly how to incorporate it into play. We worked very hard in the heat, however we both felt we gained a tremendous amount of skill to our strokes and our game. We even shopped a bit in the pro shop. Definitely was worth the trip and we would definitely consider returning with our family. Van Der Meer also has a group rate with the Sonesta and everything was arranged. When you walk out of the Sonesta you are already by a few of the courts. They have over 20 courts and 3 are indoor in case it rains. This was a fun and tiring weekend all at the same time and we LOVED every minute.

New York, NY


Van Der Meer has perfectly conditioned clay courts each morning. They have a full service pro shop on the premises and offer 24 hour restringing. The pro shop also has some lines of tennis apparel, mostly Fila. They carry the Head brand racquet exclusively.

At the pro shop you can sign up for lessons or get the use of a ball machine. There is a sign up book where you can sign in and perhaps pick up a game with someone at your own level. They also have doubles round robins on various days for a fee. The day I played, there were only 4 sign ups so the court fee was waived for all of us which was a real treat!

There are a number of pros on staff and once a week they give a free exhibition.

Charlotte, NC