Elevate Your Career with Our Tennis Coaching Course at Van Der Meer Tennis

tennis teaching courseAt Van Der Meer Tennis, we offer a comprehensive tennis coaching course designed to elevate your understanding and skill set in the world of tennis instruction. Our Total TennisUniversity (TU) course, created by the renowned Dennis Van der Meer, provides the perfect learning environment for all tennis enthusiasts. This course has successfully launched the careers of countless coaches and helped many others finance their college education by providing a solid foundation for securing jobs in the tennis industry. It’s also an ideal program for parents wanting to understand what to look for in their children’s tennis instruction, and for those seeking a second career in tennis.

Our tennis coaching course covers every aspect of tennis instruction, from the basics of group and private lessons to advanced training techniques for top-level juniors and professionals. Participants will learn effective, logical progressions based on the Official Standard Method™, along with corrective techniques and strategies for deciding when to modify a player’s strokes. The course also includes unique methods such as Instant Tennis and the graduated length method, particularly beneficial for coaching young children. These comprehensive teachings ensure that every participant leaves with a well-rounded education in tennis coaching.

In addition to on-court training, our course offers extensive off-court lectures on topics crucial to running a successful tennis program. These lectures cover adaptive tennis, senior tennis, managing pro shops, stringing, and organizing tournaments and events. Participants also get the chance to observe Van Der Meer Tennis programs in action, including sessions with adults, young juniors, and academy-level players. This hands-on experience is invaluable in providing a practical understanding of tennis instruction and management.

Whether you’re looking to start a new career in tennis, enhance your coaching abilities, or simply gain a deeper understanding of the sport, our tennis coaching course at Van Der Meer Tennis is the perfect fit. Join us and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to build a solid foundation in tennis teaching, learn from the best, and advance your career in this dynamic field.

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